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Title I Parent Involvement Policy


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 mandates the improvement of academic achievement of low income and/or at risk students.  Instructional services and activities are to be supplemented in any school whose student population qualifies as disadvantaged.  Springbrook Elementary School has a population of approximately 44% who meet this federal guideline.  Thus, we are categorized as a Title I school and the Westerly Public Schools Administration is obligated to pursue federal funding.


            This funding has provided the financial means for the Springbrook program ( and the other Title I Schools, State Street & Bradford) to include reading teachers, a parent liaison, parent involvement and educational programs, remedial math and reading programs, materials, supplies, a school improvement facilitator, and the Fast ForWord Computer Laboratory and personnel.


            Title I regulations also require Title I schools to collaboratively develop a Parent Involvement Policy. Over a period of time a committee of parents, teachers, and school administrators developed the attached policy.


            The SES Parent Involvement Policy will be annually distributed at our annual Open House each September. At this annual Open House in September, the school principal and other faculty members will be available to explain the policy, the responsibilities of Title I schools and programming, and parent training efforts that will be offered. We hope that you will participate in this aspect of the Open House. If this is not possible, you may contact the principal or the parent liaison for information.


            Thank you for your support of this policy and of the school. Together, great things can be accomplished!



SES Parent Involvement Policy Committee (PIPC)


1. Welcoming All Families:


Springbrook is a learning community that values the family as the child's first teacher as well as an equal partner.  Families are welcomed into a clean, safe, nurturing school.


How do we Welcome all Families?

v      Pre-K Transitional & Incoming Activities                      

v      Signage                                                 

v      Hot Dog Roast                                                                    

v      Open House                                                                         

v      Bonfire

v      Sharing Assemblies

v      Family Nights

v      K-Orientation

v      ELL(English Language Learner) Picnic

v      Kindergarten Workshops

v      Parent Teacher Conferences

v      School Directory

v      Teacher Introductory Letters

2. Communicating Effectively


Families and school staff engage in timely respectful communication throughout the school year.  Information about student learning is welcomed and shared among team members to ensure and promote global success.

How do we Communicate Effectively?

v      District/School/Teacher WebPages

v      District/School Handbooks

v      The Springbrook Buzz- school newsletter

v      Notices

v      Open House

v      Translations

v      PTO Meetings (monthly)

v      School Improvement Team (SIT) Meetings

v      ALERT NOW-district’s automated message system (as needed)

v      Phone Call/Notes/Email


3.  Supporting Student Success


It is the Springbrook School Community’s responsibility to develop and nurture a respectful partnership between home and school that promotes and celebrates student learning.


How do we Support Student Success?

v      Parent Workshops

v      Parent Conferences

v      Sharing Assemblies

v      Report Cards

v      Data Night

v      Parent Participation

v      IEP Teams

v      SIT Team

v      Web Page

v      Tower Street School Community Center-After School Matters

v      3 Bees Program

v      Ramp-Up Programs

v      Kool Kids Program

v      ELL (English Language Learner)

v      RIDE(RI Department of Education) Website

v      Principal’s Positive Postcards

v      All About Me Display

4.  Speaking Up for Every Child


Each member of the Springbrook community is encouraged to advocate for students.  Families are empowered by staying informed, being involved, and seeking resolutions to questions or concerns.


How do we Speak Up for Every Child?

v      Parent Advisory Committees (Special Ed, ELL, & Title 1)

v      Parent-Teacher Conferences

v      PTO Meetings & sponsored events

v      SIT- School Improvement Team

v      Parent Involvement

5.  Sharing Power


Each member of the Springbrook school community is invited to participate in an open shared decision making process by which all policies, programs, and activities are created in order to promote and celebrate global success.


How do we Share Power?

v      PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

v      SIT(School Improvement Team_

v      Newsletter

v      Website

v      Sharing Assemblies

v      School Committee Dates and Times

v      Parent teacher Conferences

v      Family Involvement Committee

v      Data Night

v      ELL Parent Advisory

v      Class Based Activities

6.  Collaborating with the Community


Family and school staff will work together to inform its members about the services, opportunities, and resources available within the community and the state.


How do we Collaborate with the Community?

v      Tower Street Community Center

v      Families Learning Together

v      Community Organizations/churches

v      NEARI Children’s Fund

v      WISSP(Westerly Integrated Social Services Program)

v      Community services

v      WPS(Westerly Public School) Resources

v      Town of Westerly

v      PTO Community Events



Events by Trimester:

Trimester 1 (Aug-Dec)

Hot Dog Roast (PTO)

Open House

Bonfire (PTO)

Sharing Assembly

Family Night (Family Engagement Committee)

Kindergarten Orientation

ELL Picnic

Kindergarten Workshops

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teacher Introductory Letters (per teacher discretion)

District/School Handbooks

The Springbrook Buzz (school wide newsletter)

School Improvement Team (SIT) Meetings

Alert Now Messages (as needed)

Report Cards

IEP Teams

Ramp Up Program

Parent Advisory Committees (Special Ed, ELL, & Title 1)

PTO Meetings (monthly)

Title 1 Meeting

Parent Survey

Parent Informational Sessions (Grade Level Curriculum, Academic Assessments, & State Testing)

RTI Team Meetings (Reading Math, & Behavioral)

Inform Parents of Local and State parental organizations. For example Head Start, Ready First, Parents as Teachers, Pre-Schools. Etc…

Provide Volunteer Training

Curriculum Informative Programs

Trimester 2 (Dec-March)

Sharing Assembly

Family Night

The Springbrook Buzz

SIT Meetings (periodically)

PTO Meetings (monthly)

Parent Workshop

Parent Conferences (as needed)

IEP Teams

RTI Teams

PTO Sponsored Events (Harlem Wizards Basketball Game & Sweetheart Dance)

Report Cards

NECAP Demo Lessons (Science)


Trimester 3 (March-June)

Pre-K Transitional & Incoming Activities

Sharing Assembly

Family Night

The Springbrook Buzz

SIT Meetings

Parent Workshop

Parent Conferences (as needed)

IEP Teams

RTI Teams

Report Cards

Ramp Up Program

PTO Meetings

PTO Sponsored Events

Field Trips

Data Night

Kool Kids Program

Mother/Son Event (PTO Sponsored)


***All italicized words are defined in the glossary on the last page***


Parent Involvement Policy Committee Members

  Victor Ventura              Moira McCool

Beth Gunning                Holly Bowen
Danelle Farrell              Shelley Renzi

                                                               Anita Guarnieri              Deb Beames

                                                              Christine Byrne


Glossary of Terms:


Team Members- Parents, faculty members, and other individual who work within the school community


Global Success- success for all involved parties in multiple areas


ELL- English Language Learners are those students whose primary or native language is one other than English or who live in a home where a second language is spoken.


IEP- Individualized Education Program.  Special Education Document detailing the learning needs and interventions of students

Title I- Title 1 funds aim to bridge the gap between low-income students and other students. The U.S. Department of Education provides supplemental funding to local school districts to meet the needs of at-risk and low income students.

RTI/RIT- Reading Intervention Team of Response to Intervention refers to scheduled meetings for students on Personal Literacy Plans also known as PLP’s.  Benchmark student data is collected, interventions planned, and checked in 6-8 weeks.  Team consists of Principal, district reading coordinator, Reading specialist, and classroom teachers.


SIT- School Improvement Team


Alert Now- Automated Phone message system that relays school and/or district information.


NECAP- New England Common Assessment Programs Grades 3-11 Reading, Math, and Science Assessments


NEARI- National Educational Association of RI


Ramp Up- Before/After school program that targets those students who are on the cusp of achieving proficiency on reading/math NECAP


Sharing Assemblies- An assembly where children showcase classroom successes such as singing, poetry, theater, and art.


WISSP- The Westerly Integrated Social Services Program is a Child Opportunity Zone (COZ), funded by the Rhode Island Department of Education, and designed to help children and families overcome obstacles which may affect their chances for success.


Families Learning Together- A family literacy program for Westerly residents with children prenatal through high school graduation


Kool Kids- a program held either before or after school where kids work along with their peers practicing academic and social skills through a variety of activities, games, and songs.


3 Bees Program- Positive Behavior Program that encourages students to “Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe”


Family Nights- Family oriented events held after school hours that intend to get families involved, such as Family Game Night, Math Night, and other Parent Workshops. All events are sponsored by the Family Engagement Committee


Data Night- a night in which school testing data is given to parents


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